Doug Pitassi is the president of Pacific Office Automation.

Doug Pitassi


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Doug Pitassi is the president of Pacific Office Automation, leading the company to become the gold standard in the field by solving various printing and copying problems. He stays on top of the latest developments, leveraging advanced technology while supporting his employees. Over the years, he has significantly expanded the company, helping both large and small clients and building one of the most experienced, reliable, and innovative teams in the industry.

During his childhood, Doug was always interested in helping others. He was active in his local community and developed strong relationships with family and friends. After high school, he attended Portland State University, where he was involved in numerous student organizations. He explored various fields until he found a way to use his skills to help others while challenging himself intellectually. He excelled at Portland State University, graduating with a BA in 1985.

After finishing school, Doug joined Pacific Office Automation, where he has worked for over three decades. Founded in 1976 in Portland, Oregon, the company initially sold copy machines. Under Doug’s leadership, it has expanded significantly, consistently providing state-of-the-art technology and award-winning machines to clients nationwide.

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