How Music Helps to Become a Good Leader

Doug Pitassi

November 15, 2022

How Music Helps to Become a Good Leader

When it comes to leadership, a few skills come naturally with music. Become a good leader, one of those skills is setting a tone and establishing a group’s tempo. Another skill is being able to play with authority. While this doesn’t necessarily mean playing louder or booming, it can come from how well you articulate the notes and where you place them. Learning to step into leadership moments with confidence and authority is the point.

Developing self-discipline

If you want to become a good leader, consider studying music. It will enhance your confidence and leadership skills. Many business leaders look for prospective employees who have studied music. Not only will music improve your leadership skills, but it will also enhance your happiness.

Music education also helps students develop their social skills. Whether through singing, dancing, or playing the guitar, children who study music will likely have more positive interactions with teachers and their peers. In addition, the positive social benefits of music likely contribute to children’s higher self-esteem and higher levels of self-efficacy and motivation.

Developing emotional intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence is a valuable skill that can be applied in personal and professional settings. Recognizing patterns in a person’s emotions helps people build better relationships. For example, learning to display one’s emotions in a business environment can help a businessperson persuade clients. In addition, developing emotional intelligence can increase one’s self-awareness and understanding. Whether through music exercise or introspection, emotional intelligence is a powerful skill. Developing emotional intelligence is an important step for leaders and employees alike.

One of the easiest ways to improve emotional intelligence is through music. You can find a song that evokes a positive emotion or inspires you to take action. If you want to learn more about developing your emotional intelligence, visit Six Seconds or HelpGuide, two nonprofit organizations that promote emotional awareness in people.

Developing emotional intelligence as a leader can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that it can be cultivated with time and effort. You can also seek guidance and support from a professional therapist.

Leading by example

If you’re looking for an effective brain hack to improve your leadership skills, music can help. According to Drumm, a consultant and neuroscientist who have worked with high-profile political figures and billionaire CEOs, music helps to change ineffective leadership habits. He explains that struggling leaders have internal playlists constantly playing in their heads, shaping their perceptions of their situation. This is a common problem requiring conscious decision-making to alter the playlist.

A key part of leadership development involves effective communication, and music can enhance your ability to communicate. Aside from its ability to communicate effectively, music can also be used to teach leadership behavior. It is a form of experiential learning which breaks away from traditional lecture styles. This learning style originated with philosopher John Dewey, who challenged educators to see a link between the educational process and personal experience. Music in this context gives learners a real-life experience, and this personal experience often leads to action.

Another way music helps to become a good leader is through listening to popular culture. Popular culture has many facets that are conducive to learning. In the case of music, it has a wide appeal to people from all backgrounds. It also provides an engaging, fun environment to learn about leadership.